The SVPOA held another wine and  … this time … Mint Julep affair at 22 Bistro on May 5 Derby / Cushings Cross / and Cinco de Mayo.  $10 bucks and Members  got two healthy glasses of house select wines, fried chicken, cornbread and the best deviled eggs around … a blind draw horse in the Derby for a fine bottle of  Woodford Reserve … the Official Bourbon of the Derby, while Place and Show won bottles of good wines … well, Place was a good bottle, Show not so much.    Post race there was some ‘horse trading’  ….   Wilcox switched with Lundin leaving the third-place horse (Lundin)  with the first place prize because the no one drew Justify so Wilcox”s second place horse captured first place but he wound up with the second place bottle of wine leaving third place Lundin the happy owner of the first place Bourbon  … got it ?!

The Guest of Honor
Gae, Warren and Irene
John Andrew and Craig two winners and one very distant loser
Greg, Jacki, Michael and Jill
Lu Ann and Jean


But that wasn’t all  … it was horse race day so we ran our own Derby on our “Squaw Valley Downs”  board … betting was hot and heavy for five races  Parker winning just about everything  – as usual.   Russell didn’t win anything satisfying everyone.

Derby Day thinned out the crowd for the mariachis … poor kid just wasn’t old enough to drink or bet
Parker wins of course
Humbly as usual


Willette running the SV Downs board


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