Halloween Haunted Barn at the SV Stables 2018


The kids loved it !  … lining up for Pumpkin Bowling,  the Spider Speedway, and Mummy Races over and over.   Thanks to Jacki and Sue and the rest of you who tirelessly set up bowling pins, and mummified chocolate-crazed kids with toilet paper.   They screamed through John Haine’s amazing Haunted Barn backwards and forwards over and over … and over.   Thanks to all of you in character who helped haunt the Barn, especially Tom Rossi, our Dead Elvis zombie, who had so much fun in the maze scaring the kids he stayed in there most of the evening.

Then adults took over and the dancing started and thanks to Tamara, Jacki, ‘Dead Elvis’ Tom and his zombie better half, Sue, who led the way on the dance floor.  Mitch Pavel was a great DJ.   Mitch pulled the whole evening together with the  music  …  and for those of you who remember the Fireman’s Ball ?!  Well … come next year.  It’s on its way back.   Michael and Jill were our heroes behind the bar all night !


We got terrific feedback from so many people and everyone is looking forward to next year’s  event …. we have a plan for an all-Zombie cast.  BTW even a Zombie would be an upgrade from Andrew’s ‘Eeyore’  the worst costume mis-match of the evening !   Andrew thanks for being there every time we needed you   (but Eeyore !?)
Besides the kids crazy on Reese’s Cup highs,  another hi-lite was Tuck’s brat BBQ  in a magical setting and a fantastic place to eat drink and chill.  Great food and a great vibe around the fire-pit.  Way to go Tuck and Debbie and Teresa.
Marni thanks for coming through so nicely with the balloon and the all important candy … never knew chocolate went so well with free beer !?  Mary and Sally – great costumes … and thanks for putting all the prizes together and helping with the budget.   We all saw the same thing …  that the kids were having as good a time as the adults.  Seeing all ages lined up at the bar,  some for beer, some for candy, was priceless …   okay,  not the best role modeling.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                This great even was all possible thanks to Mike and Debbie Pavel’s generous gesture donating the amazing SV Stables to this community event.  It was the perfect venue.   THANK GUYS !   It was a night that we’ll all talk about until next  year  … which will be bigger and better … and scarier.
We want to also express our appreciation to the Squaw Valley Fire Dept who coached us on all the safety issues we needed to be aware of  and parked a truck right on site. That was smart and professional.  You guys are the best.
                                                                The End
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