The Squaw Valley Property Owners Association is an organization of neighbors open for membership to any owner of a real estate interest within the Squaw Valley community. The SVPOA is a non-partisan and apolitical association, though our officers may participate in or attend forums and meetings that are position-oriented. We will then share useful information from those events with our members with impartiality. The SVPOA strives to be a widely-inclusive organization of single-family, condominium, and timeshare owners, be they primary or secondary residents. The SVPOA will sponsor events and meetings designed to bring the Squaw Valley community together as neighbors and develop camaraderie, familiarity and friendship.

If you own a real estate interest in Squaw Valley please let us know who you are and join our the SVPOA through our website. We have sponsored some popular and exciting events exclusively that bring us all together as neighbors and friends. We will provide a Facebook forum for all SVPOA participants to share their Squaw Valley experiences

The more our membership grows especially among our second home, condominium and timeshare owners we will plan our events to accommodate times when the most of members can join us.